Natiivo Miami Condos for Airbnb

Why Natiivo for Airbnb?

To answer this question we have to look at one of the most important features of this project; the hotel component. Because the building will have a hotel license, the owners will have the right to sublease their units through Airbnb for years to come, as opposed to buying any single family home or other condominium which might have rental restrictions imposed in the future, as is the case today in Miami Beach.
The location of this project is unparalleled for Airbnb, walk right downstairs and you have the Freedom Tower metro mover station which will allow guests to travel for free between Downtown and Brickell’s financial district, using this free transportation guests will be able to stop by Downtown’s Government Center and transfer to the Metro Rail which is just 10min walking distance from Natiivo or 0.6 miles to the southwest, using the rail guests will be able to travel as far south as Dadeland and also to the Miami International Airport.
Most importantly guests will be able to walk 2 blocks west of the building and find the MiamiCentral station which by the time the project is completed in 2023 the service between Miami and Orlando is expected to be running.
Appreciation Potential?
Investors not only look for immediate return but also for future appreciation of their investments. What better location for this than in the epicenter of Downtown Miami, less than half a block north is the Miami World Center site, currently the 2nd largest private development in the United States where a whopping 28 acres of land is being developed, MWC will have one of the most incredible promenades in the world (7th street promenade), and will offer guests an array of shopping, dining, commercial, and green open spaces, this master plan includes approximately 5 Billion in current, past, and future developments.
And let’s not forget to mention all the other developments currently being built and planned around the block such as: Yotel PadWaldorf AstoriaDowntown 5thSignature BridgeOkan Tower, among many others.
Analytics, Hard Data, What do the numbers say?
According to The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (click on the link for full study), the travel sector is the top industry for Greater Miami.
According to STR, the leader in providing insights for the hotel industry, In 2018, Greater Miami and the Beaches ranked among the top 10 in all three major categories, (Occupancy, Average Daily Rate and Revenue Per Available Room) when compared against the Top 25 U.S. Hotel Markets.
Greater Miami and the Beaches is at:
• #4  Revenue Per Available Room
• #4 Average Daily Room Rate
• #8 Occupancy
Greater Miami overnight visitors were up +3.5% in 2018, or 600K higher than prior year. The International market grew at the fastest pace (+4.1%), as a result, Greater Miami attracted a record 16.5M overnight visitors in 2018. You will find the overnight visitor’s stats in the 8th page of the report.



Miami Airbnb Condos for sale investment

Florida Airbnb Hosts Earned $810 Million in 2018 Amid Continued Hotel Growth

Airbnb announced today that Floridian hosts and homeowners earned a combined $810 million in supplemental incomewhile welcoming approximately 4.5 million guest arrivals to the state in 2018 through the platform.
by airbnb report / January 2019

What about Airbnb then?

97% of the domestic market that used a peer-to-peer site for booking used Airbnb, and 77% of the international market did the same, so we can clearly see that Airbnb dominates this market.
Miami Beach is the most visited neighborhood by overnight guests with 44%, and Downtown comes in 2nd not too far behind with 42%.
Now let’s take a look at occupancy, and average nightly rates in Downtown Miami here, as you can see for the past 2 years occupancy in Downtown has never fallen below 80%, this means that on average rooms are booked 24 our of 30 days in a given month, and in the same report you can also see that in 2018 the average nightly rate was $252/night, and in April of this year it was $211. Run the numbers with $180 per night for the sake of being conservative, even with an approximate maintenance of $1/psf on a 500 sq. ft. studio and taxes of 1.8% on the assessed value, the numbers still make sense…
Also taking a look at the hotel inventory in Miami you can see that Downtown has around 8000 hotels rooms, while Miami Beach has almost 20,000 rooms, while it is true that Miami Beach is the #1 visited neighborhood, Downtown is not far behind, and so If the hotel industry at the beach decided to sue Airbnb because it is taking too much of their profits away, how will downtown perform with less than half of the hotel inventory? Also remember downtown has destinations that attract millions of visitors per year, notably the Port of Miami, the American Airlines Arena, Museum Park, and The Adrienne Arsht Center.

Management Fees


An important point to mention is the fact that condo hotels typically charge management fees upwards of 50% of profits and the maintenance is also usually very high, which will not be the case with Natiivo, since owners are not obligated to go through the management program offered by the developer, and can self manage, or hire super hosts. (Airbnb Sponsored bookings manager)
Airbnb charges 3%, and a super host, typically charges between 4-7%, and since the cleaning fee is paid by the guests, owners that choose to self manage will be able to keep approx. 90% of profits.
If they want to have a hassle free investment and not deal with anything they can choose to go with the developer’s management program which will charge 25%, or about half of the typical condo hotel management fee.


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